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Arnold Schwarzenegger Full - Motivational Biography

 Arnold Alois Schwarzenegger whom we mainlyknow as Arnold, is a kind of person that we can say he is not known for bodybuilding insteadbodybuilding is known for him, and this is what makes him completely different than otherbodybuilders. He was born at a small village in Austriaon 30 th July, 1947. He had to face poverty at that time for the2nd world war. As both of his parents were police, his childhoodpassed through rules and regulations. But then he had become the victim of childabusement. He used to be a medicore student but as hissense of humour was outstanding, he started earning from the age of 13. His main weapon was his self confidence. 

His father always wanted his son to be a policeofficer like him. But he used to dream about becoming somethingelse. He used to dream to go to America from theage of 10. But he had no idea how he would fulfill hisdream. Arnold used to love playing football. One day his coach took them to the local gymand from there today's worldwide famous bodybuilder Arnold had started his journey of bodybuilding. Soon he became addicted to body building. But his father didn't like this thing at allas there was no value of bodybuilding in Austria at that time. But watching his son's enthusiasm his fathergave him permission to go to the gym only 3 days in a week. But Arnold wasn't that type of boy who wouldstop there. He brought those gym equipments in his homeand started gyming 3 days in his home and the remaining 3 days in the gym centre. Sometimes he used to force to open the gymeven on Sundays. 

He said that if gym session was missed byhim on any day, he couldn't stand to look at his face in front of the miror on thatday. In 1965 at the age of 18, Arnold had to gofor military training because there was rule in Austria to have mandatory military trainingfor 1 year for every boys whose age was 18. During military training, he came to knowabout mr. Europe junior level contest. But to participate in that competition hehad just one way left at that time and that was to escape from the military camp. He knew that he would be punished severelyfor that, but his love for bodybuilding was so intense that the fear of being punishedwasn't able to lock him up in the camp. He did escape from the military camp to participatein the competition. Even he didn't have proper clothes which heneeded to participate in that competition. He borrowed some clothes from someone afterarriving there and participated in the competition. And in this way he won his first bodybuildingcompetition of his life. 

After that, when he returned to the camp,he had to face humaliations as well as criticism for his recklessness. As he had broken the rule, he had to spend7 days in jail. But for his boldness he got the designationof "best build man". And from this point he started to become famousin Europe. But his dreams were not limited to only bodybuilding. Besides bodybuilding, he also loved watchingmovies and his dream was to act in Hollywood movies. But when he gave audition for that, he wasrejected several times for his extra muscular body as bodybuilding was not that much popularin Hollywood at that time. Arnold became frustrated getting rejectionsagain and again. At that time, he used to consider Reg Park,Steve Reeves as his inspiration. They were established star in Hollywood inspiteof being bodybuilder. He noticed that they became superstar thoughthey were bodybuilders. 

So why couldn't he become a superstar? In 1966 at the age of 19, Arnold decided toperticipate in Mr. Universe competition. So he went to London soon. He became second in that competition and fromthat competition he got noticed by Charles Bennett who was judge in that competition. Charles liked him because of his excellentbody at that young age and for his endless enthusiasm regarding bodybuilding. As a result, Charles took him to his homeand started to train him personally. At that time during his training, Arnold methis idol Reg Park there. After 1 year, Arnold again participated inMr. Universe and finally he won the amateur level competition. For becoming mr. Universe at that young age, his identity spreadedthroughout the world. Arnold started to become famous as one ofthe greatest bodybuilders. 

Though he had fulfilled his dream to becomea bodybuilder, he wasn't able to fulfill his dream to become a superstar even then. After this, he again started giving auditionfor Hollywood movies. But this time he again got rejected as hecouldn't speak English fluently. His mother tongue was German and so he usedGerman accent in many English pronunciation. He again became upset for being rejected somany times. But he never accepted defeat and so he startedgetting help from magazines and books and started to practice to speak in English. Besides these he made a world record at thattime by becoming the youngest Mr. Olymia at the age of 23. In 1973, he got his first chance to work ina Hollywood movie named "The Long Goodbye". Though he acted in this movie, he had no dialogue. But for making his accent better day by dayhe finally got chances to act in various Hollywood movies. 

In 1984, the character played by him in themovie "the terminator" was loved by everyone so much that his fame spreded worldwide andthe movie also became very much popular in a very short time. After that, he became governor of Californiain 2003. In 2011, a museum was opened dedicating hislife in his childhood home. If someone is really passionate about bodybuilding,then according to me Arnold is the biggest inspiration for that person. If you want, you can read his autobiographybook named "total recall". You can buy the book from Amazon by followingthe link given below in the description. At last a little request to you, if you findthis video inspirational then please share it with your friends so that they can alsoget inspired. Next video is on the next Wednesday. Thanks for watching. More wisdom more solution better life!