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Chester Bennington Biography: What Is Most Important In Life

Would Chester ever choose such a dreadfulpath if fame would have been the greatest satisfaction on earth? Again definitely not. "Linkin park" is one of best bands in theworld and Chester Bennington was its lead vocalist. "hybrid theory" first album released their Linkin park in 2000 . Over 70 million copies of that album were sold in all over the world. It is the greatest gift for any musician inhis music-carrier. If career were everything in life, would Chester ever commit suicide? And the answer is again the same, no. 5 things in various times which used to bethe top priorities of our life are - 1) Career 2) Relationship 3) Money, 4) Fame 5) Health. In various stages of our life, any one ofthese five becomes our top priority. I mean it becomes our main target or maybeI should say it becomes our main problem. But the incident of Chester Bennington's suicidehave made everyone to think again, that then what is the most important thing which shouldbe the top priority in our life. 

Today I will talk about that in this videoin details. But before that I want to discuss about thetheory called domino effect for those people who don't know about it. If we organize according to the increasingorder of dominos where the next domino is 1.5 times bigger than the previous domino,then if length and breadth of the first domino is 5 millimeters and 1.5 millimeters respectively,which is smaller than a tic-tac ,we will find that the 29th domino of this series is asbig as the Empire State Building. If we start a chain reaction by knocking downthe first domino which is as small as a ticktack followed by the 2nd domino and so on, thenwe can easily knock down the 29th domino which is as big as the empire state building. The behaviors of our life also follow thechain reaction of this Domino effect and it works in the exactly same way irrespectiveof whether it is in bad or good direction. 

Entry into the world of addiction happensby smoking a simple cigarette and following the chain reaction of domino effect it endsin drug addiction . Like this, entry into the world of exercise happens only just bydoing 10 pushups a day and following that same Domino effect it ends in making a sixpack abs. So the most important thing is to choose the first domino correctly because if the chain reaction once starts in the wrong direction then it becomes very difficult to stop it at a particular stage and come back. It's quite easy to move in the wrong directionbut coming back proves to be very difficult. So we have to find a single centre point andhave to keep that point as our first and main domino in all situations so that we will findless or no problems in our life. That means, one solution to all problems. So now the question is then what should bethat target? Should it be Career,?relationship?money?fame?orhealth? A person commits suicide when that personbelieves that he or she has stuck in a very painful problem which has got no other solutionand that for the person only death seems to be the savior. 

In this universe, there cannot be such a problemwhich has no solution, because, no matter how big the problem is, the universe is bigenough to absorb each & every problem. Just for believing some wrong things deeply,a person chooses some dreadful ways like committing suicide. The main two reasons behind Chester's suicidewere- 1) childhood abasement. He was sexually abused by a senior male fromthe age of 7 to age of 13. And for being so skinny and different lookinghe was also abused in school and 2) he couldn't just accept the death of his close friendChris Cornell. His friend died by committing suicide 2 monthsago. On 20th July, It was Chris's 53th birthdayon which Chester committed suicide. Chester was also suffering from drug addiction. He started taking drugs after the divorceof his parents. At the age of 17, when he again started livingwith his mother, he was successful to come out of his drug addiction . But from the year2011,he once again started taking drugs. According to his wife, after the death ofhis close friend Chris, Chester was suffering from severe depression. So the main two factors behind the suicideof Chester were relationship and mental health. 

As we can see, again mental health is dependenton relationship. These two things finally together meet tothe one thing, that is peace of mind. This is the smallest Domino, which shouldbe in our top priority all the times. You may be a very successful person, you maydo job in one of the world's top companies, your salary may be pretty high but if theworking environment of the company is very bad, filled with politics and corruption,then this can severely affect your peace of mind. Then a desire to leave all these things andto run into some other place will keep coming into your mind. So in this condition will you be able to leada healthy and prosperous life? Work stress will affect you relationships. And with all of these, your health conditionwill also fall day by day. On the other hand, just think that you havea very good family where everybody loves each other, cares for each other. 

But you are the only income-source of yourfamily with no permanent job and insufficient amount of money with which you can't evenfulfill the basic needs of your family members. So in this condition will you be able to leada happy life? No you cannot. So, everything is important in its place. But everything has a common centre point thatis peace of mind. If that centre point remains ok, then everythingothers automatically becomes ok but if the centre point gets not ok, then everythingothers also become not ok. So our life's first and main target shouldbe to maintain our peace of mind and we should always take our actions based on this. There is a very famous quote by someone anonymous,"There is no greater wealth in this world than the peace of mind" and I hope by giving example of Chester Bennington I have made you understand a little bit why it is so.