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Harry Potter Author Success Story - J.K ROWLING Biography

 If we talk about english rap songs with ourfriends, then the first name that pops up into our head is no one but all of us favouriteMarshall Bruce Mathers III or whom we know as Eminem. In 17th October, 1972 he was born in a poormiddle class family in Saint Joseph Missouri city of America. His father left him in his childhood and hismother was a drug addict. In search for jobs, they have to travel todifferent cities. As there was no contact with his father, manyoften Eminem used to ask his mom about his dad, also he wrote many letters addressinghis dad. But his father always sent those letters backto him without even reading it. 

After few years they settled in Detroit Michigancity, where mostly the black African and black American people used to live. Eminem also got admitted to a school there. But as in his school he was the only whiteguy, so he had to face many torture from his school mates. Once a senior girl in his school named D EngeloBelly beated eminem so badly, that he was in coma for a week.  Although she couldn't won the case. In 1999, even Eminem's own mother filed acase in the court against Eminem because of defaming his mother and demanded 10 milliondollar. In his childhood Eminem's uncle Roni giftedhim a music cd, after listening to that music cd his interest in hip hop music and rap songstarted to grow. As he had no friend in his school, most ofthe time he used to discuss about the song and music with his uncle. 

But this happiness also did not stay in hislife for long. Few years later due to some personal problemhis uncle Roni committed suicide. He could never accept his uncle's suicide. He used to lock him in a room whole day andhe was completely mentally depressed. Eminem's education career was also not goodat all. After failing 3 times in 9th standard, hedropped out from his school. After that he started doing various kindsof works, starting from cooking in a restaurant to washing dishes. Also he used to work as a driver to bear hisexpenses. While doing all these works, whenever he gotchance, he loved to entertain people with his rap song. After few years he got married, and in 25thDecember, 1995 his baby girl was born. After the birth of his baby girl, he startedto work very hard. So that the struggle he had to face in hischildhood, should never be faced by his child. 

After that he launched his first album "infinite"by spending all of his savings. But the album became flop. So he lost all his savings. Just before 5 days of christmas, he came toknow that he had been fired from his workplace. At that time he had not even enough moneyto buy a birthday gift to his baby girl. All he had at that time was a 40 dollar check. After that his wife asked him for divorceand decided to take his child away from him. Even she stopped allowing Eminem to see andtalk to his child. As he was completely broken down, Eminem triedto committee suicide by getting overdosed by drugs. But here also he failed. After escaping from a near death, Eminem realisedthat what would happen to his child if he had died. How would she survive. Right after that he understood the importanceof his living and he completely focused on his rap. 

In 1997 he participated in a rap competitionin Los Angeles, which had become the biggest turning point in his life. He stood 2nd in that rap competition. Listening to his rap, one of the famous rapartist at that time Dr. Dre was so impressed that he decided to work with Eminem. In 1999 they released The slim shady albumtogether and within a few days the album became very much popular. People started to love Eminem's rap songs. Within few years his song Rap God MarshallMather became so much popular. The song entered in the guinness book of worldrecord because in that song Eminem said 4.28 words/sec. His loose yourself song won the academy awardand in total he had won 15 grammy awards. 

Today Eminem is known as the no 1 rapper inthe world. And today his net worth is 190 million dollarwhich is equal to 1291 crore rupees. So at last let's sum up what we can learnfrom our favorite rapper Eminem's life story, 1) No matter how difficult the situation is,we should never give up. Life is just like a coin, where success isexactly the opposite side of struggle. 2) When a person clearly understands the reasonfor living, only then one's life becomes meaningful. Aimless life is similar to death. As always I would like to finish this videowith one of my favorite quote said by him. If you find this video inspirational, thenplease share it with your friends. Specially with those who are big fans of Eminem. Because by sharing you can also help to inspiresomeone else. Next video is on the next Sunday.