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Jon Jandai Full Motivational Biography - LIFE IS EASY

 Have you ever felt that day by day your lifeis getting more and more complicated? Have you asked yourself why it is so? And is there any such way by following whichyou can simplify it? Today I am going to share with you a storyof a farmer from northeast Thailand named Jon Jandai who now always say one thing toeverybody he meets, that is Life is easy. But a few years back when he was in Bangkok,he never felt like that. When he was in Bangkok, he felt like lifeis very hard, very complicated. Jon Jandai was born in a poor village on theNortheastern of Thailand. And when he was a kid, everything was funand easy to him, but when the TV came into their village, by watching TV and listeningto other people's opinion he realized that he was poor, and he needed to follow successfor his life. So he decided to go to Bangkok to pursue successin his life. But when he went to Bangkok, it was not veryfun.

He realized that in Bangkok, he needed tolearn, study a lot and had to work very hard, and then only he would get success. So he worked very hard, eight hours per dayat least, but what he could afford to eat is just a bowl of noodles per meal. And where he had to stay was also very badand unhygienic, a small room with a lot of people sleeping together and also the roomused to be very hot. So instead of working so hard, eight hoursper day, he wasn't able to manage neither good food nor even a good place to sleep. He felt like a robot. He had to work all the time and had no timeto enjoy the beauty of life. So, he started to question a lot. When he works so hard, why is his life sohard? It must be something fundamentally wrong. And so he tried to learn, he tried to study. So, he enrolled himself to study in a university. 

But in university also he found it's veryhard to learn, because it's very boring. And when he looked at subjects in the university,he found no productive knowledge in university for him. He found that in university every studentwas taught how to destroy. Like in architect students were taught howto destroy trees, lands, mountains to build a concrete unnatural world to live. In agriculture students are taught how topoison, to toxicant the land, the water, and learn to destroy everything. He felt like everything we do is so complicated,so hard. Life is so hard and he felt disappointed. Then he started to think about, why he hasto be here in Bangkok? He thought about when he was a kid, nobodyworked eight hours per day, everybody worked two hours, two months a year, planting riceone month and harvesting the rice another month. The rest was free time, ten months of freetime. And then in the daytime, everybody even usedto take a nap. And after they woke up, they just used togossip with each other. 

People have a lot of time, but because theyhave a lot of time, they have time to be with themselves. And when we have time to be with ourselves,we have time to understand ourselves. When we understand ourselves, we can see whatwe want in our life. So, when people have that time to realizethat they don't just want money, but they also want happiness, they want love, theywant to enjoy their life. So, people see a lot of beauty in their life,and then they express that beauty in many ways. So, he felt like it was something wrong inthere, he couldn't live in that way any more. So, he decided to quit University, and wentback home. But his decision wasn't easy. A lot of people teased him and looked downon him because he had spent a long time in Bangkok and didn't have a good job. On top of that, he was deciding to give upon even trying to attain a high paying job. He chose to come back and not have an incomefor himself. 

When he went back home, he started to livelike when he was a kid. He started to work two months a year. He got four tons of rice. And the whole family, six people, ate lessthan half a ton per year. So he was able to sell some rice. And then he dug two ponds, two fish pondswhich continued to serve him and his family fish to eat all year round. Then he started a small garden, less thanhalf an acre. And he started to spend 15 minutes per dayto take care of the garden. And from that garden he used to have morethan 30 varieties of vegetables. So, six people couldn't eat all of it. So he had a surplus to sell in the market. So he made some income in there, too. So, he felt like, it's easy, why he haveto be in Bangkok for seven years, working hard and then not have enough to eat, buthere, only two months a year and 15 minutes per day he can feed six people. That's easy. He used to think that stupid people like himwho had never get a good grade in the school, cannot had a house. Because people who were cleverer than him,who got 1st rank in the class every year, they got a good job, but they need to workmore than 30 years to have a house. 

So for a person like him who could not evenfinish the university, how can he have a house? It seemed to be hopeless to him. But, then he started to do earthly building. He spent two hours per day, from 5 O-clockto 7 O-clock in the morning, and in three months, he got a house. And his friend who was the cleverest boy inthe class, he also spent three months to build his house, too. But, he had to be in debt. He had to pay for his debt for 30 years. So, compared to him, he had 29 years and 10months of free time. So, he felt that life is so easy. Before he never thought he could build a houseeasy like that. And he kept building a house every year, atleast one house a year. Now, he had no money, but he had many houses. His current problem is which house he willgo to sleep tonight. And then, the next thing is clothing. He felt like poor, he was not handsome. So, he tried to dress like somebody else,like a movie star. To make him look good, look better. So, he spent one month to save money to buya pair of jeans. When he wore it, he looked at the mirror. 

Every time he looked, he was the same person. The most expensive pant couldn't changehis life. He felt like this was so crazy, why he hadto buy it? It didn't change his life by any means. So, he started to think more about that. He asked why we need to follow fashion. Because, when we follow fashion, we nevercatch up with it, because we follow it. So, don't follow it, just stay here. Use what you have. So, after that, until now, 20 years, he neverbought any clothes. All the clothes he had is leftovers from people. When people come to visit him, and when theysee him to wear very old clothes, they give him more clothes. So, he has tons of clothes now. So, now his problem is, he need to give clothesto people very often now. So, it's so easy. And when he stopped buying clothes, what helearned was that when we buy something, we buy it because we like it, or we buy it becausewe need it. So, if we buy something just because we likeit, that means something is wrong. We have been conditioned in a wrong way, becausewe don't need that thing but still we are spending so much money on it, just becausewe like that thing. 

This is not correct, this make our life complicated. And the last thing was medicines. He was really worried in the beginning, becausewhen he will have no money, how will he buy medicines. But, he started to think about it more. And what he found was that normally, sicknessis a normal thing, it's not a bad thing. Sickness is something to remind us that wedid something wrong in our life, that's why we get sick. So, when we get sick, it's time to stopand come back to ourselves. And to think about it, what we did wrong. So, he learned how to use water to heal himself,how to use earth to heal himself, he learned how to use basic techniques of natural healing. So, now that he rely on himself in these fourthings, food, shelter, clothes and medicine he said he felt like life is very easy, hefelt something like true freedom. He felt like he don't have anything to worryabout much, he had less fear, It regularly hosts training on simple techniquesto live more sustainably. He continually strives to find easier waysfor people to fulfill their basic needs. So always remember Life is easy, it's we who make it unnecessarily complicated. More wisdom, more solution, better life!