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Karoly Takacs Full Biography: Most Person In The World

 On 21st Jan 1910, a world class shooter wasborn in Budapest, the capital of Hungary. His name was Karoly Takacs. He had joined Hungarian Army. He was hungry to be the best and yes he wasthe BEST.� In 1936, at the age of 26, he was alreadyone of the top pistol shooters in the world. He had already won all the national championshipsin his country. His only goal was to win the best shootermedal that is the Gold medal in the Olympics games that were going to be held in 1936. But he was denied to be a part of 1936 SummerOlympics on the ground that he was a sergeant, and only commissioned officers were allowedto compete. This was the first obstacle faced by Karolyin the path of fulfilling his dream. Although, this prohibition was lifted in Hungaryafter Berlin Games. This opened the way for Karoly to be a partof 1940 Olympics. 

All the eyes were on Karoly as everyone knew,he was the best. But just before 2 years from fulfilling hisdream, in 1938, during an army camp training a faulty grenade exploded in his right handand as a result the best shooting hand, the right hand of Karoly, was no more a part ofhis own body.�It seemed to be the end of his life long dream. Everybody came forward to show sympathy forwhat had happened to Karoly. In such condition most of the people wouldgive up before misfortune and live their rest of the life resenting about what had happened. But no one can stop a true champion like Karoly,not even misfortune. Instead of focusing on what he had lost, hisright hand Karoly decided to focus on what he still had, his left hand. Instead of living rest of his life feelingsorry for himself, he decided to train his left hand to be the best shooting hand ofthe world. 

The hand with that he can�t even write asingle character, he decided to write the history using his that hand. After the accident, he had spent one monthin the hospital for his treatment. But as soon as he came out of the hospital,he started his training of left hand. Just after one year, in 1939, national championshipwas going in Hungary, where Karoly came back. Each and every shooter was happy to see him. They approached Karoly to praise him for hissportsman spirit. But when Karoly replied to them, "I haven'tcome here to cheer up you. I have come here to compete you", this madeeveryone surprised and few of them to laugh as well. Because, no one had an idea that Karoly wassecretly training with his left hand for the past 1 year. So, the competition began, excitement wason the top, everyone holding their breath, became eyewitness of a miracle, the hand thatwas not able to write a single character few months back, won the championship. 

This miracle mesmerized every one. Karoly's name was literally spreaded everywhere. But none of this fame or limelight was hisgoal. His only goal was to win the best shootermedal that is Gold medal in the Olympics games. That's why no matter how much he got sympathyor how much praise, he never kept his eye away from his goal. So, he put all his concentration on 1940 Olympicsgame. But this was not easy as 1940 Olympics wascancelled due to world war 2. So he again decided not to give up and startedto get prepared for 1944 Olympics. But again due to world war, Olympics was cancelled. It was like time itself was examining thepatience of a champion.� But the goal was set, to be the best. So, he started preparing for 1948 Olympics. But in every sports age is a big factor, thereis a peak age when an athlete can give his best performance. 

In 1948, when finally Karoly got the chanceto participate in the Olympics held in London, he was around 38 years old, and he had tocompete with fresh and most talented younger players from all over the world. And the best players had come to compete withtheir best hand whereas Karoly had to compete with them with his only hand, his left hand. It was nearly impossible for a 38 years oldman to beat the younger players. But this "impossible" word, was not therein Karoly's dictionary. In Karoly's dictionary this impossible wordwas also written as I+M+Possible. In 1948 Olympics, the most favourite pistolshooting player was Carlos Valiente. Everyone was pretty sure that Valiente wasgoing to win the gold medal in that Olympics. After knowing about the accident, Valientecame to meet Karoly and asked him, "What are you doing here?" Karoly replied him, "I am here to learn howto become a world champion". 

So, after that the 1948 Olympic started. But he didn�t stop here, in 1952 he againtook part in Olympics and again won the gold medal. By becoming the first to win two gold medalsconsecutively, he wrote the history with his only hand. After that Carlos Valiente came to Karolyand said, "You have learnt more than enough. Now it's time for you to teach me". You may be thinking that this is the end ofthis story. But no, Karoly didn't even stop there. In 1956, at the age of 46 he again participatedin the Olympics held in Melbourne. So, after that at least he must have stopped? The answer is again no. Because real winners don't stop until thelast day of their life. In 1958, at the age of 48 he participatedin the ISSF world shooting championship and won a bronze medal in 25 m centre fire pistolshooting. Also he had won a total of 35 Hungerian nationalshooting championships in his whole career. 

The man with the only hand wrote the historywith his left hand and taught a lesson to the entire world to never lose the hope.� We may give millions and trillions of reasonsfor our failure, for what wrong has happened to us, for what we couldn�t achieve. But the real heroes, the champions, need onlysingle reason to achieve, what they want. As Karoly said, "It's not about being thebest. It's about being better than yesterday". For the first time I came to know about Karoly,from Sandeep sir's "Illusion to reality" video. If you understand Hindi well and still haven'twatched Sandeep sir's video, then you can watch the full video by following the linkgiven below in the description. 

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