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Padman Full Motivational Biography

 "The strongest creature in this world is nota lion or an elephant or a tiger, it is a woman" this is what a superhero used to believe. No, not like superman or batman but insteada real a life superhero Arunachalam Muruganantham, who is now well known as padman. He was born in coimbatore in 1962. After losing his father in a car accidentin his childhood, the financial condition of their family became very poor. His mother used to work in fields to managethe family and his education expenses. At the age of 14, when his family's financialcondition became very much poor, he decided to give up his studies. His professional life got started by workingon the fields and operating the welder machine. 

In 1998, he got married with Santi devi. One day after his marriage he saw her wifepassing silently with a very dirty clothe in his hand. So he asked her, what was that? She replied, It's none of his business. In one of his interview Muruganantham said,the clothes used to be so dirty that he even did not use those to clean his bicycle. He asked her wife, why didn't she use sanitarynapkin instead of those dirty clothes in her periods? She replied, if she started to use sanitarynapkin then there will be no money left to buy milk. To impress her wife next day he bought a sanitarynapkin for her. At that time he noticed that the weight ofthe sanitary napkin is so less. He calculated that the production cost ofthis sanitary napkin must be not more than 10 paisa where as it had been sold in themarket in a price 40 times higher than that.

So he thought, if he wants he can easily producethose napkins at a very lower cost. Because it's not only his wife who was sufferingin that problem but also millions of other women who were also facing the same problem. At that time he had choosen such a field towork on, about which the women even hesitated to talk about. In starting of making pads, as he got no helpfrom his sister and wife, he had to go to medical students to get help. But there also he got no help. As there was no way left, he decided to experimentwith himself. Maybe he was the first man in this world whohad tried a pad made by himself. He had used blood of animals in a blooder,at the time of cycling that blood sprinkled into his pad. But he noticed that after absorbing the bloodhis pad was getting unusual shape which was never good for use. After 2 years of research he discovered thatalong with cotton, cellulose fibre was also used in making those costly pads availablein the market. 

That's why they remain in their shape evenafter absorbing liquid. Although his research was successful, afterthis Muruganantham had to face a very difficult time in his life. He came to know the cost of the pad makingmachine was about 3.5 cr rupees which was never possible for him to arrange anyway. But then also he didn't gave up. After 4 years of research finally he inventeda machine and became successful in the challenge of making pad at a very lower cost. The cost of the machine was only 65000 rupees. In 2006 he went to IIT MADRAS and presentedhis idea to everyone. Everyone liked his idea very much. His idea got nominated in National innovationfoundation, grassroots technology innovation award, and he won that award. After that he founded Jayashree Industries,which made it possible to reach out the machine to all villagers. 

Many companies tried to buy the machine fromhim offering a huge amount of money but he never agreed to sell it. Had no college degree, not even help fromany rich powerful man, only depending on his hard work and willpower, what he had donefor the women to save them from the problems they had to face during their periods day,for which they had been suffering in many diseases, not only the indian women but alsothe whole world respect him for that. Although he had not studied in IIT, but todayhe had been invited to give speech in IIT. In America in a session with Bill Gates hesaid, "Don't just wait for the right opportunity to come. Take any problem and find a solution to thatproblem by your own. Because in every problem there lies an opportunity"he also said, "Instead of using your education just for your survival, try to use it to innovatesomething to change this whole world". 

His success story had touched so many people'sheart that a bollywood film titled "padman" is going to be released very soon on his lifestory. At last I want to finish this video with oneof my his favorite quote, he said "No one can predict what you can achieve. So never underestimate yourself"At last a little request to you, if you truly found any inspiration from this story thenplease share it with your friends and loved ones, specially with them who also dream tohave the courage to dream big just like Arunachalam Muruganantham. And please let us know by commenting belowon which person you would like to watch the zero to hero blog. Because our main aim is to help you. Be strong be inspired.