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Stephen Hawking Biography - Mind power vs Physical illness

 How powerful is our mind and what can we achieveonly by using this, is greatly shown by one of the greatest scientist in the world StephenHawking. Who was unable to move any part of his bodyexpect only one of his cheek's muscle. So let's see how this impossible became possible. On 8th January, 1942 during the world war2, he was born in England in Oxford city. He was brilliant right from his childhoodbut in his academic career he was mediocre. He was mainly interested to work with electronicdevices. 

At a very little age when a kid learns howto play video games on computer, Stephen built a whole computer by himself. And that's why his friends started to callhim Einstein. His father was a medical researcher so hewanted Stephen to make his career on the same field. But Stephen was not interested in that. At the age of 17 he was admitted to OxfordUniversity. He wanted to do higher studies on mathematics,but at that time there was no specialized course available on mathematics so he hadto continue with physics. After that his interest in cosmology startedto grow day by day. During his university days he first noticedthat he was not completely well. Because on the way to his university it hadhappened many times that he fell down on the road without any reason, or many times ithad happened that suddenly he became unable to talk. In 1963, observing the decreasing conditionof his health, Stephen's father took him to a doctor. 

After diagonosis, the doctor declared thatStephen had a never curable disease called motor neuron disease. In this disease, slowly every part of thehuman body becomes completely paralyzed. The doctor said he had maximum only 2 yearsleft in his hand. Usually this type of diseases come to noticeat the age of 50 years but in case of Stephen it was pretty early. So it gave the doctors an opportunity to slowdown the process. When everything was seeming to be over soon,still he did not give up. He continued in his scientific studies andresearches. And within few years he discovered the conceptof black whole and Hawking radiation. Which opened the door of a new scientificdiscovery for the whole world. After getting completely paralysed he hadto take help of a wheel chair. A california based company named word plus,became able to connect a computer with his wheel chair. 

He was able to control a virtual keyboardon that computer screen with one of his cheek's muscle. Using that keyboard he made up sentences andthen using a speech synthesizer that sentence was spoken by a computer voice. Stephen said that he may never became successfulin those complicated and time consuming scientific discoveries unless he had that particulardisease. Because it is also known from his ex-wife'sinterview, that sometimes he used to sit on his wheel chair at a particular place, deeplythinking about some problem for even weeks long. He became completely unaware of what was goingaround him on those days. He don't even talk to anybody. For this reason being also he got divorcedfrom his ex-wife. After that he was married to one of his nurse. Being healthy we don't dare to write a book,and being completely paralysed Stephen wrote a book on space time named "Brief historyof time". 

Where he represented his scientific discoveriesin a very easy and simple to understand language, and that's why the book was loved by the peoplefrom all over the world. Despite of his physical illness he never feltshy to represent himself in different TV shows or even in movies. In some of the movies he permitted the useof his computer voice for some comedy scenes also. If he wanted he could use a handsome voicein his computer system, but he did not do that. Because he wanted that voice to be rememberedas a part of him. Once he threw a party for all the time travellers,but he announced the date on the next day. So as no one had come to his party, so hedeclared that there is no one, who is a time traveller. Just like that, there are many interestingincidents linked with one of the greatest scientist of all time Stephen Hawking's lifestory. 

This year on 14th March due to his nervoussystem disease he passed away. One of the interesting fact is that, 14thMarch on which date Stephen Hawking passed away, is the birth date of Elbert Einsteinand 8th January, which is Stephen Hawking's birth date is also the death anniversary ofGallelio. At last let us sum up what we can learn fromStephen Hawking's life story - 1. Human's greatest power is, the power of themind. And,2. If the desire is strong enough then physicalillness can never became a hindrance in the way of suceess. Like all the time, I would like to finishthis video with one of my favorite quote said by him. He said, "The greatest enemy of knowledgeis not ignorance, it is the illusion of knowledge." At last a little request to you. If you find this video inspirational, thenplease share it with your friends. Thanks for reading. More wisdom, more solution, better life.