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Sudip Dutta Success Story | Journey From Rs.15 To Rs.1600 Crore

 When life starts taking test, the real faceof a person comes out. Once upon a time he used to work as a labourerin the same company and earned just 15 rupees per day, but now he is the owner of a companyworth rupees 1600 crore. How he made this impossible to possible throughhis hard work and burning desire, that is what I am going to share with you today inthis video. So lets start. Sudeep Dutta was born in 1972 at a small townnamed durgapur in West Bengal. His father was in the army. His father became paralysed after taking abullet in the indo-pak war in 1971 and so sudeep's elder brother became main reliancefor income of their family. But after some days, his brother's healthcondition also started to get worse. As the economic condition of the family wasvery poor, his elder brother died without proper treatment. And his father was unable to recover fromthe grief of his elder son's death and so he also died after few days.

As a consequence, at the age of 17, Sudeephad to take the responsibility of his 4 brothers and sisters as well as the whole family. His family had to start living fighting withtheir life, eating night old fermented rice day after day. This left Sudeep with two options, eitherpull a cycle rickshaw or work as a waiter. But he chose the third option. He says that the intense desire to do somethingbig since from his childhood, made him choose the 3rd option even at that crucial momentof life. In 1988, after reaching Mumbai his careerstarted as a labourer in a factory with a wage of 15 rupees per day. Then his work was to do packing, loading,and delivering of goods. In the meantime of the work he started tounderstand the basic concepts and process of the business. Like him there were 12 more labourers in thatcompany. He had to face a lot of hardship at that time. He had to sleep at night congestedly in asmall room with 20 others. 

After 2-3 years passing like this, in 1991the owner of the factory faced a huge loss and decided to close the factory. And this incident began Suddep Dutta's journeyof becoming an entrepreneur. He grabbed this opportunity and by takingout all of his savings along with some money lent from his friends, he collected a totalamount of 16000 rupees and with all these money he went to the factory owner to buythe factory. But that small amount of money was not sufficientto buy the factory. But as the loss was huge from that factory,the owner agreed to sell the factory even at that price but with a condition. The condition was that sudeep had to givethe factory owner all the profit from that factory which would be earned in the upcoming2 years. Sudeep agreed to his condition. In this way Sudeep became the owner of thefactory in which he used to work as a labourer till the day before. 

Though he became the owner on pen and paper,he had to accept a burden of huge amount of debt along with his family problems. Aluminium packaging industry was then goingthrough a tough time. The whole share of the market was in the handof 2 companies. 1st one was the Jindal ltd and the 2 nd onewas the India Foil. And both of these 2 companies were very bigand strong. To complete with them with such a small companywas next to impossible at that time. But many new industries were being developedat that time and the demand for flexible packaging in the market was also increasing day by day. Sudeep used this opportunity and he startedto capture the market by providing best flexible packaging. He started to work very very hard and he himselfused to go the companies and made them understood why his company's packaging was differentand better than others. First he started to run the factory dependingon the orders from the small companies. 

And in this way he paved the way in the market. Success had finally started to come in hislife but after some time Anil Agarwal came in the packaging industry with his companyVEDANTA. VEDANTA was one of biggest companies at thattime. It became a new challenge for sudeep to survivein the market competing with that big company. But again sudeep didn't accept defeat andhe started working harder. Eventually he made the quality of the productof his company increased by many times. And at last VEDANTA had to accept defeat tosudeep dutta. In 2008 sudeep bought VEDANTA for 130 crorerupees and after that VEDANTA company permanently left the packaging industry. It was one of the most important decisionstaken by sudeep Dutta in his life. After that he tried to move forward quicklywith his company and made a mark in the pharma packaging industry. He established 12 units in different citiesincluding kolkata between 1998 and 2000. 

Today sudeep Dutta's Ess Dee aluminium is the no. 1 company of packaging industry in India andSudeep Dutta believes in the upcoming years they will be able to put their names alongwith the two biggest packaging companies of the world, Unilever and P&G. Ess Dee aluminium has also made it's positionin the Bombay stock exchange and National stock exchange. For his innovative thinking Sudeep Dutta iscalled the Narayan Murti of the packaging industry. Presently the market value of Ess Dee Aluminiumcompany is more than 1600 crores. He has also established SUDEEP DUTTA FOUNDATIONto help the poor people of our society. The story of sudeep dutta from durgapur teachesus instead of being collapsed how to rise strongly even in the crucial moments of life. Because as long as you keep trying, you willnever be defeated. More wisdom more solution better life !