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Zero To Hero - Shahrukh Khan Full Biography

 Shah Rukh Khan, popularly known as Kingof Bollywood or King Khan is the world's 2nd richest actor after Jerry Seinfeldwith net worth 600 million dollars. Born in a middle-class family his hard workand determination made him one of the biggest superstars in the world. He has followers all around the world. He is also a businessman, a producer and theowner of an IPL team Kolkata Knight Riders. He has won a lot of awards including the PadmaShri award by government of India and the highest civilian award legion of honor by the government of France. He has also received an honorary doctoratefrom the University of Edinburgh, Scotland for his outstanding record of philanthropyor in simple words for his love of humanity. 

So, today let's take a look at his life andlisten to some of his own words to get some smart ideas on how to make our lives better. "The dreams I chased took me on a journey,a journey more rewarding than the goals." When Shah Rukh Khan was a student, he wasasked by his school teacher that what he would like to become in future. He said he want to go to Bollywood. It was also his mother's dream to see himas an actor. His teacher tried to explain him that hisdream was unrealistic for a middle-class family but for a change his mother supports him replyingto his teacher, "if my son wants to become that, no matter what, he will become it oneday". Finally, when Shah Rukh became a successfulactor the teacher said that he regretted not believing in him and supporting him just ashis mother did. So, Smart lesson 1 - Always Dream Big Shah Rukh Khan has a bachelor's degree inEconomics. 

He had also excelled in studies and sportsin his Schools and Collage. But his dream was always to go to Bollywood. During his collage life he spent much of histime at Delhi's Theatre Action Group, than studying in the classroom. Here he first started studying acting. He left his Master's degree in Mass Communicationhalfway to pursue his dreams in his acting career. He had no contact in the Bollywood. Still he did not give up on his goals. So, Smart Lesson 2 - Always follow your owndreams When Shah Rukh started his career he did allkinds of work which was rejected by others. You will be surprised to know that his all-timebest movie Dilwale Dulhaniya Lejayege was first rejected by Saif Ali Khan. He used to work in television serials beforecoming to the big screen. 

His first TV series was FAUJI. He also worked in small roles whenever hegot the chance. He never considered any job to be small orto be big. His first salary was Rs.50 from as a ticketseller. Darr, Bazigaar all these films were rejectedby other actors before Shah Rukh khan got the chance. He took it with both hands and these filmsmade him what he is today. In his own words, "I only strive to work,work better and better." So, Smart lesson 3 - Do not consider any workto be big or small An incident where Shah Rukh Khan was aboutto be a part of a big film, he was told that he would not need his make-up man anymore. 

In reply to this Shah Rukh said that he wouldnot need this film then. He says, �No star is made on his own. I think 80% of what I am is because of them.�Success without respect is nothing and respect is only earned by respecting others. Thus, it is no mystery why Shah Rukh Khanis one of the respectable men in the whole world. So, Smart Lesson 4 - Respect and love everyone Failure is a part of life. Shah Rukh Khan lost his parents early. After that incident, his first few films receivedback to back flops for a period of time. His first production house "Dreams Unlimited"did not work out .His IPL team Kolkata Knight Riders did not win anything for five yearsdespite of spending a huge amount of money. But he never gave up and continued working. 

In his own words- �Success and failure areboth part of life. Both are not permanent� Also in one of hisspeech he said- " Success is not a good teacher, failure makes you humble", which I believeis the best lesson to learn from him, so we should always learn from our failures andnot to fear them. So, Smart Lesson 5 - Always remember Failureand success both are not permanent At last a little request to you, if you findthis video useful then please share it with you friends who are also a huge fan of ShahRukh Khan, and by commenting below please let us know on which person you would liketo see the next life lesson blog. Because, our main aim is to help you. More wisdom more solution better life!